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small wonders of may


It’s time to make my list of small wonders again. I have been very bussy the past month,redesigning my Bib-art site. Working on my linkedin and paintings. My friend has offered me her expertise. I am so happy with that.

My small wonders of last month were:
– Again featured on RedBubble with “Joy” and “Filled with expectation” and “Dreaming”.
– Have been fed by friend and friend(thank you so much for sharing your food with us, Bless You!!!!)
– Have been painting like crazy for a while, made “Spread your wings…” and “Maiden“,and more lies on the shelf* half finished.
– Done lots of homework for my creative bussiness under the guard of my friend. She is helping me with crossmediale-marketing. I am so blessed with her!!!!!
– Thinking out ideas for selling on the market here in the summer. Vey much inspired.
– Had lots of compliments about my work which makes me so happy.

I am going to eat a lot of cake and sip lots of teas to celebrate it!

Chalenges were:
– The moodswings of son and feeding and clothing my kids on a extreemly low budget.

Themes of the month:
-Keeping up the faith that I will get through this.
-Reaching out for help.

My intentions and key focus areas:
– learning more about marketing
– Launching my send a smile(still on the list 😉
– Launching my etsy(the same as above)
– Unclutting my home.
– Painting and drawing and crochet at my hearts content.
– Fill in all the forms for financial help for the poor.(and cross my fingers afterwards)
– Enjoy every minute as if it were the last.(which is not easy in these circumstances.
– Pray to God that all my wishes will come true.

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