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small wonders/kleine wonderen

This time only in English…
I love the idea of making lists like this.(inspired by Louise Gale)

My small wonders of the month were;
-I have been featured twice on RedBubble, first with “Bey Dear” and last week with “The garden of my heart”.
-have had some small wonders at healingprayer and feel more liberated than ever
-having lots of inspiring ideas for my new paintings
-designing my webblog and RedBubblesite all over again
-had lots of compliments about my heartpaintings

I don’t know how I am going to celebrate this yet

Chalenges were;
-handeling the tempertantrums and grieve of my son who has a form of autism

Themes of the month were;
-finding my selfconfidence in my art again
-keeping the hope up

My intentions and key focus areas;
-launching my ‘sendasmile’ website
-launching my Etsy
-making at least four mixed-media paintings
-learn how to work with GIMP
-enjoy the sunshine in my backyard and take long walks along the beach
-try to visit my friends I have not seen for a while

This will keep me focussed for the coming month…thanks louise for your inspiring blogpost today!~

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